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Shooting Star State Trail

The Shooting Star Trail is a 25-mile, paved trail through remnants of tall grass prairies with an abundance of native wildflowers. Much of it is built on an abandoned railroad grade.

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Shooting Star State Trail map

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Along the Trail

The eastern terminus is in LeRoy, MN, which is on MN Hwy 56 just west of its junction with US 63 right above the Iowa/ Minnesota state line. The trail soon passes through Lake Louise State Park and continues northwest to the town of Taopi and then on to Adams. The western trailhead is the town of Rose Creek, but the trail continues towards Austin for another 5.5 miles.

Between Rose Creek and Austin, the shooting Star State Trail passes through southern Minnesota farm country

Between Rose Creek and Austin, the Shooting Star State Trail passes through southern Minnesota farm country

Hghlights: Remnant tallgrass prairie with wildflowers like prairie smoke, rattlesnake master, wild indigo, aster, goldenrod and blazing star wildflowers. The trail passes by several interpretive and recreational opportunities, including Rustic Retreat Wildlife Management Area, Shooting Star Prairie Scientific and Natural Area, Taopi Prairie Interpretive Area and Mower County Natural and Scenic Area.


An extension to Austin, MN is complete The trail terminates at the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center and gives access to Austin’s network of city trails. Another connection, this one to the 27-mile, paved Wapsi Great Western Line Trail, is in the planning stages. From near Taopi, a four-mile leg of the trail will extend south to the Minnesota-Iowa border. The resulting interstate trail system will be about 72 miles long.

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