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Border Route Trail

The Border Route Trail is a 65-mile long hiking trail that crosses the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Arrowhead region in far northeastern Minnesota.

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Campsite on Sock Lake on the Border Route Trail

Campsite on Sock Lake



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Along the Trail

It follows the US/Canadian border over ridgelines and high cliffs with scenic views of the Boundary Waters on the US and Quetico Provincial Park on the Canadian side. It’s flanked by the Kekekabic Trail to the west and the Superior Hiking Trail to the east. This true wilderness experience offers solitude and unrivaled views of lakes and vistas in a remote setting and should only be attempted by experienced hikers with map and compass skills.

A reminder of where you are: Sign in the wilderness on the Border Route Trail

A reminder of where you are: Sign in the wilderness

Nature's power on display: Tree blowdown from a recent storm on the Border Route Trail

Nature’s power on display: Tree blowdown from a recent storm

To get to know this rugged footpath, try this day hike with a friend.

Rose Cliffs Loop: 13 Miles

Start at the the Caribou Rock Trailhead near Hungry Jack Resort and Campground 21 miles north of Grand Marais. This loop consists of the Caribou Rock, Border Route, South Lake, and Moss Lake Trails. Highlights include the dramatic Rose Lake Cliffs, historic Stairway Portage, and several other outstanding overlooks on the border chain of lakes.

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