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Twin Cities Metro Mountain Bike Trails

The many communities that make up the Metropolitan Area of the Twin Cities provide an extensive network of rugged single track and easy to moderate mountain bike trails. Many regional and city parks maintain trails to provide something for everyone, close to a major metropolitan area.



Minnesota River Trail: 11 miles

Intermediate: Nicknamed Minnesota River Bottoms. Mostly singletrack winds through wooded area near river. Challenging trail that can be muddy after rain. Plenty of jumps and some obstacles.


Buck Hill: 6 miles

Beginner to intermediate, includes two downhill flow trails. Skills Park featuring a bermed course with drops, rock garden, skinnies and a dragon tail.

Terrace Oaks: 2.3 miles

Intermediate: Mainly singletrack. A fairly technical trail with lots of climbs and amazing descents. Challenging trail.


Lebanon Hills Regional Park: 11 miles

Mostly intermediate: This course is a favorite for many in the region. Good mixture of rolling hills and more technical singletrack. Woods provide secluded feel in suburban area.

Inver Grove Heights

Salem Hills: 4.4 miles

Gently rolling hills through woods and reclaimed prairie consisting of three loops: Harmon Park, Sawmill, Foul Pond Loop.

Lake Elmo

Lake Elmo Park Reserve: 8 miles

Beginner to intermediate: Beautiful park with a pleasant view of Eagle Point Lake. This is a multi-use trail, including horseback riding. Some hard-packed singletrack, some grassy trail. Fat bikes are allowed on Big Bluestem Trail in the winter.


West Lake Marion Trail: 5 miles

Beginner to advanced: Hard-packed singletrack through woods and fields on the west side of Lake Marion near Casperson Park.

Maple Grove

Elm Creek Park Reserve: 12.7 miles

Interconnected singletrack loop trails. Built to accommodate all skill levels of riders, but mostly intermediate with short sections of easy and advanced trails.


Theodore Wirth Park: 8 miles

Intermediate to advanced: Singletrack has twists and turns with many technical features. Challenging course and a great trail system consisting of five separate loops: North, South, Southwest, Brownie and Glenwood Loop. Just minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Theodore Wirth Mountain Biking Theodore Wirth Mountain Biking Theodore Wirth Mountain Biking Theodore Wirth Mountain Biking



Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park: 10 miles

This system offers many options for all skills levels including a fast singletrack, switchbacks and a meandering doubletrack. Be ready to deal with logs, roots, and wooden bridges.


Lake Rebecca Park Reserve: 13.25 miles

Easy to advanced singletrack loops through wooded landscape with wetlands. Start at the Hilltop picnic area.

Lake Rebecca Mountain Biking Lake Rebecca Mountain Biking Lake Rebecca Mountain Biking Lake Rebecca Mountain Biking

Saint Paul

Battle Creek Regional Park-West: 9.5 miles

Intermediate to advanced: Battle Creek features a wide selection of trails within its boundaries. Plenty of steep, narrow singletrack. Thickly wooded, some limited visibility on turns.

Fort Snelling State Park: 10 miles

Beginner: Enjoyable ride along the Dakota County side of the river. Generally flat trail, but scenic. Starts as a wide double track, then narrows to singletrack. Trails are multi-use.


Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve: 10 miles

This trails features glacial ridges, hilly terrain and an extensive, lush forest. This is a challenging trail and a favorite for mountain bikers.


Carver Lake Park: 4 miles

Series of interconnected loops and switchbacks on the south side of Carver Lake.

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