Northeastern Minnesota Ski Trails


Backcountry skiing near Tettegouche State Park on Minnesota's North Shore.

Northeastern Ski Region Offers Deep Snows

Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, throughout the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, to the Chippewa National Forest, northeastern Minnesota offers some of the biggest snow falls in Minnesota and many well-groomed trail systems. Northeastern resorts offer winter ski packages and many state parks rent camper cabins in the winter.


Key WH = Warming House P = Parking B = Bathroom


Beaver Bay  Split Rock Lighthouse State Park 

218-595-7625 (P, B) Intermediate skate ski trails,not groomed. Begin at picnic area trail center. Fat Bikes allowed.

Bigfork  Scenic State Park  

218-743-3362 (P, B) Beginner to intermediate trails. Not groomed 4.5km snowshoeing. 

Biwabik  Giants Ridge

800-688-7669 (WH, P, B) All levels, US Ski Team training center using the Superior National Forest with views and roller coaster rides. 3km lit for Nordic skiing and some of the trails can be reached by a chairlift.

Cambridge  Spirit River Nature Area

763-689-1800 (P,B) Beginner classic and skate ski trails through prairie, deciduous forest, and wetlands, parking and restrooms at college.

Carlton  Jay Cooke State Park

218-384-4610 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced with a wide variety of trails. White Pine Trail is an intermediate trail offering an overlook of St. Louis River Valley. CCC Trail is the easiest trail running along the river. Warming shelter with a woodstove and bathrooms open seven days a week. Candlelight ski and snowshoe event held annually. Groomed classic with multi-use trail at Oldenburg Point. Snowshoe rentals. MN ski pass required.

Chisholm  Sturgeon River Trails

218-229-8800 (P) Excellent beginner trail in the Superior National Forest. Long stretches of solitary trails. Two Adirondack shelters, groomed, scenic views of Sturgeon river.

Cloquet  Pine Valley

218-879-9582 (P) Intermediate to advanced, challenging with difficult climbs, yet gradual, rolling sections. Partially lit, adjacent to Cloquet recreation center south of Pine Tree Plaza.
The back of the 5K loop across Spring Lake Road is skate and classic groomed.

Coleraine Itasca Trails (Mount Itasca)

218-326-1313 (WH, P, B) Beginner to expert, groomed for skate and classic skiing on flat to very hilly terrain. MN Ski Pass required on west public trails. Additional fee for east biathlon course with man-made snow.

Cohasset Minnesota Power Blackwater Trails

218-326-1313 (WH, P, B) Beginner trails groomed for skate and classic skiing. Lighted. MN Ski Pass required.

Cohasset Portage Park

218-326-1313 (WH, P, B) Beginner classic trails near the Mississippi River. MN Ski Pass required

Cook  Ashawa

218-666-2766 Beginner to advanced on the west side of Lake Vermilion. 5 miles north of Cook, new 3km trail around golf course. MN ski pass required.

Cromwell  Fond du Lac State Forest

218-460-7020 (P) Beginner and intermediate, primitive, classic trail through hardwood and deciduous forest where you can see signs of deer and wolves. Groomed regularly. Wind shelter along trail.
MN ski pass required.

Deer River  Blueberry Hills

15km 218-326-1313 (P, B, WH) Beginner to expert with many loops. 12km classic and skate groomed trails. 5 miles northeast of Deer River. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Boulder Lake

218-721-4903 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced, 8km of skate ski with Wolfski's Ski Den warming shack, open sunrise to sunset.
Groomed daily for classic and skate ski, very well maintained by Minnesota Power.

Duluth  Chester Bowl Park

218-730-4308 (WH, P, B) Intermediate to advanced. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Hartley Trail

218-730-4308 (P) Beginner to advanced, hilly challenge with some gentle slopes. Classic only.
MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Korkki Nordic

218-525-7326 (P) Intermediate to advanced single track classic trails, groomed daily. Steep hills, designed for racing. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Lester Amity Trail

218-730-4308 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced trail of varied terrain through pine, aspen, and birch forests. Additional 3km circles the Lester Park Golf Course and is accessible from the main Lester-Amity Trail. 5km trail lit mornings and evenings. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Magney-Snively Trail

218-730-4308 (P) Intermediate to advanced, beautiful hardwood forest with large hills.
A rugged trail not recommended for beginners. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Piedmont Trail

5km 218-730-4308 (P) Beginner to intermediate trail through aspen, birch and hardwood forest. Beautiful overlook of St. Louis River Valley. MN ski pass required.

Duluth  Snowflake Nordic Ski Center

218-726-1550 (WH, P, B) Intermediate classic and skate ski trails, groomed daily. Lessons and rentals available. Warming chalet with showers, sauna, changing rooms, lounge, and snacks.

Duluth  Spirit Mountain

218-624-8533 (WH, P, B) All skill levels. Beautifully wooded cross-country ski trails, double tracked with skating lanes, groomed daily.

Ely  Bear Head Lake State Park

218-365-7229 (P, B, WH) Beginner trails through boreal forest circling Norberg Lake, groomed for classic ski. Trail Center with toilets, water and warming house. MN ski pass required.

Ely  Bear Island Ski Trails

800-777-7281 (P) Beginner to intermediate classic and skate ski trails. User-tracked trail winds through sections of Superior National Forest. Peaceful and solitary setting.

Ely  Birch Lake Plantation Trails

800-777-7281 (P) Beginner to intermediate groomed trail through Minnesota's oldest red pine plantation crosses several bridges and edges Birch Lake. MN ski pass required.

Ely  Hegman Lake Trail 

800-777-7281 (P) Beginner, user tracked trail on several lakes surrounded by rock and pine ridges. View unique Indian pictographs on west shore of North Hegman Lake.
Need BWCAW day use permit available free at trailhead.

Ely  Hidden Valley  /  Hidden Valley Extension Trails

15km 800-777-7281 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic and skate trails. Rolling to hilly terrain, through birch and pine stands. Connects to 8km Hidden Valley Extension. Scenic overlook at Farm Lake, access behind Fall Lake Town Hall. Hidden Valley Chalet available for rent. MN ski pass required.

Ely  North Arm Trails

800-777-7281 (P) User tracked, beginner to advanced. Some trails go through BWCAW. Rocky hills, ridges, majestic pines and wilderness lakes are highlights of this trail system. Many loops and wildlife viewing opportunities. 
Need BWCAW day use permit, available for free at trailhead.

Ely  North Junction Trail

800-777-7281 (P) User tracked, beginner to advanced, series of loops through meadows, spruce swamps, ridges and around beaver ponds.

Ely  South Farm Trail 

800-777-7281 (P) Beginner to intermediate, user tracked. Gently rolling terrain through BWCAW with some lake travel. Ski around a muskeg swamp. 
Need BWCAW day use permit, available for free at trail head.

Ely  Trezona Ski Trail

6.5km  800-777-7281 (P) Beginner trail groomed for classic and skate ski. Relatively flat with some rolling terrain. Starts in town, circles Miner's Lake with views of remains of Pioneer Mine.

Grand Marais Banadad Trail

218-388-4487 (WH,P,B) Intermediate, groomed single-track trail in BWCA. Yurt to yurt skiing available. Connects Central Gunflint Trails with Upper Gunflint Trails, for one of the longest trail systems in the state. MN ski pass required.

Grand Marais  Bally Creek Trails

218-387-2524 (P) All skill levels, mostly classic. Skate skiing on groomed trails only in Cascade River State Park. Snowshoeing and 3.2km of skijoring trails, too. Cabin rentals available. MN ski pass required.

Grand Marais  Central Gunflint Trail System

70km  218-388-2292 or 218-388-2203 All skill levels, 27 miles groomed north of Grand Marais close to BWCA. Lighted sections at Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge.

Grand Marais  Pincushion Mountain Trails

218-387-2524 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced, well designed classic and skate trail 2 miles north of Grand Marais with beautiful Lake Superior views and separate snowshoe trail. 1.6km lighted trail. 

MN ski pass required.

Grand Marais  Upper Gunflint Trail

218-387-2524 All levels, 45 miles north of Grand Marais. This large system near Canada and BWCA has mostly classic trails with 30km of skate skiing, a trailside restaurant and three trailside lodges: Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Pines Resort, Hestons Resort. Upper GunflintTrail Passes required, available at the resorts.

Grand Rapids  Alder Pond Trail

218-326-9607 (P) Beginner to intermediate, groomed classic ski trail through aspen and coniferous forest. Mn Ski Pass required.

Grand Rapids  Amen Lake Trail

218-326-9607 (P, B) Beginner to Intermediate, groomed, classic ski trail 13 miles north of Grand Rapids. Ski through hardwood forest with rolling hills.

Connects to south end of Suomi Hills ski trails. MN ski pass required.

Grand Rapids  Golden Anniversary State Forest - Cowhorn Lake Unit

12.6km 218-326-9607 (P,B) Beginner to Intermediate, classic ski trail with rolling hills through old growth aspen forest. MN ski pass required.

Grand Rapids  Forest History Center

218-327-4482 (P, B) Beginner, classic ski trail through 1900s logging camp and virgin timber forest. MN ski pass required on one main trail.

Grand Rapids  Golden Anniversary State Forest - River Road Unit

218-326-9607 (P) Classic ski, gentle terrain through towering red pines. MN ski pass required.

Grand Rapids  Legion Trails

3.5km 218-326-9607 (P) Intermediate trail, groomed for both classic and skate skiing. 3 km lit. 
MN ski pass required.

Grand Rapids  Sugar Hills

218-326-9607 (P, B) Intermediate to advanced trail, groomed for both classic and skate skiing on hilly terrain through hardwood forest. Thunder Peak provides excellent panoramic views. MN ski pass required.

Grand Rapids  Suomi Hills

218-326-9607 (P, B) Intermediate to expert classic, groomed ski trail on rolling hills through the Chippewa National Forest. Connects with Amen Lake Trail.

Grand Rapids  Trout Lake Recreation Area

218-326-9607 (P, B) Beginner to intermediate, double track, classic ski trail through the Chippewa National Forest. 3 miles from historic Joyce Estate, a 6,000 acre SNA with Adirondack buildings.

Grand Rapids  Wabana Trails

218-326-9607 (WH, P, B) Beginner to intermediate, classic trail, winds through rolling hills. MN ski pass required. 

Goodland  Big Ridge Trail

218-327-2855 (P, B) Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic ski trail with rolling hills through hardwood, evergreens and young aspen. Some expert loops with steep hills. MN ski pass required.

Hibbing  Carey Lake 

218-362-5940 (P)

Beginner to advanced groomed trails with 10km side by side classic and skate skiing with views of the lake, lowlands, bogs, and jack pine stands. 3.8 km Black Forest loop is lit from 5-10 pm daily.

Hinckley  Banning State Park

320-245-2668 (P, B) Intermediate ski trail. Kettle River provides views of changing ice formations throughout the winter. Not groomed.

Hinckley  St. Croix State Park

320-384-6591 (WH, P, B) Many loops for all skill levels. Groomed classic. MN Ski Pass required.

Hoyt Lakes  Bird Lake Trail

218-229-8800 (P) Beginner to intermediate trail over birch and aspen hills with views of Bird and Lillian Lakes. Parking at Hoyt Lakes and Bird Lake, along Forest Hwy 11 Scenic Byway.

Hoyt Lakes  Colby Lake Trail

218-225-2344 (P) Beautiful hilly terrain with birch and aspen forest and views of Colby Lake. Start at Birch Cove Beach parking lot.

International Falls  Tilson Creek Ski Trail

218-283-9400 (P) Intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails in the Koochiching State Forest. MN ski pass required.

Isabella  Flathorn Gegoka Trail

218-626-4300 Beginner to advanced, groomed, single tracked in the Superior National Forest. Some paths on old logging roads. Accomodations available at National Forest Lodge. MN ski pass required.

Isle Father Hennepin State Park

320-676-8763 (WH, P, B) Groomed for classic ski. Picnic shelter with fireplace available.
Not groomed

Lutsen  Norpine Ski Trails

218-387-1112 Beginner to advanced trail with good views of Lake Superior, Cascade River, and Deer Yard Lake. Ski through birch, pine and aspen on mostly double tracked Pisten Bully groomed trails. Food and accommodations available at Cascade Lodge and Lutsen Resort.
MN ski pass required.

Lutsen  Cascade River State Park

218-387-3053 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced, classic, single tracked, groomed weekly. Heavily forested trails along Cascade River and several little creeks. The only place in Cook County to ski along Lake Superior. Spot moose and wolves down the river valley from Lookout Mountain. Wood-heated warming house available. MN ski pass required.

Lutsen  Lutsen Mountains Nordic Trails

218-663-7281 (WH, P, B) Intermediate trails located around the downhill slopes, accessible by chairlifts. Nordic Center ticket allows you to ride the lifts and then descend groomed, tracked trails into the Poplar River valley on classic and skate trails.

Lutsen  Lutsen Mountains to Spruce Creek

218-218-387-2524 (P) Groomed for both classic and skate ski. Includes the Massie, Hall, Meadows, and Golf Course loops of the North Shore ski trails, loops around Solbakken Resort, and connections to Sugarbush and Cascade systems. MN ski pass required.

McGregor  Remote Lake Trail

218-426-3271 (P) Classic ski trail within Savanna State Forest.
Connects to Savanna Portage State Park trails. MN ski pass required.

McGregor  Savanna Portage State Park

218-426-3271 (WH, P, B) Beginner to intermediate trails over wooded, rolling hills. Not groomed.

Moose Lake  Moose Lake State Park

218-460-7001 (WH, P, B) Beginner to intermediate trail along scenic lake shore. Wind shelter available along trail. Not groomed.

Mora  Vasaloppet Nordic Center Trails

320-679-2629 (WH, P, B) Classic and skate ski, beginner trails, 5km lit, starts and ends at Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Center which offers waxing room, showers, sauna, and is open throughout the season.

Mora  Vasaloppet Public Ski Area

800-368-6672 (B) Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails with separate loops.

Nashwauk Stoney Ridge Trail

218-326-9607 (P, B) Beginner and intermediate trails, groomed for classic skiing.
Mostly flat with a few rolling hills through woods. MN ski pass required.

North Branch Wild River State Park

651-583-2125 (WH, P, B) Beginner to advanced trails along St. Croix River. Heated trail center. 9km skate ski section. MN Ski Pass required.

Orr  Ash River State Forest

218-753-6256 Intermediate to advanced trail featuring many hills with challenging sections through forest. Not groomed, but minimally maintained by local users.

Sandstone  Banning State Park

320-245-2668 (P, B) Beginner to intermediate trails along the Kettle River and historic Sandstone Quarry. Follow the Quarry Loop to the Hell's Gate Rapids and bring your camera. 
Not groomed.

Schroeder  Temperance River State Park

218-663-7476 (P, B) Ungroomed trails, park office closed in winter. MN ski pass not required.

Side Lake  McCarthy Beach State Park  

218-254-7979 (P) Intermediate, scenic trails through old growth pines, not groomed.

Silver Bay  Northwoods Ski Trail

19km  218-226-4408 (P) Intermediate, groomed single track classic trail through flat woods. Connects to Tettegouche State Park. Trail head on is on west edge of Silver Bay with parking at Beaver Creek.

Silver Bay  Tettegouche State Park

218-226-6365 (WH, P, B) Intermediate to advanced, classic trails with many loops and good views of lakes and hills. About 4km of skate ski trail. Four historic ski-in cabins at Mic Mac Lake. Take a side trip to 70-foot High Falls on the Baptism River. Warming house is the lodge at Tettegouche Camp.
MN ski pass required.

Tofte  Sugarbush Trail System

888-61-NORTH (WH, P, B) Extensive trail network for all skill levels. Groomed for both classic and skate skiing with spectacular views of Lake Superior. Trail heads at Britton Peak and Moose Fence on the western side. Ski-through from Onion River Rd/Oberg Mountain trails and trailhead on the eastern edge. 5km connector hooks up with Superior National Golf Course Nordic Center trails. Club house trail head offers ski rentals. Trails maintained by Sugarbush Trail Association, check online for updated grooming info. MN ski pass required.

Togo  Thistledew Trail

218-743-3694 (P) Mostly expert trails for classic skiing only on a beautiful and remote trail in the George Washington State Forest.

MN ski pass required

Tower  Howard Wagoner Trail

218 753-4070 (P) Beginner trails groomed for classic ski only. View big Norway pines, deer and wolves.
Skiers can start in city of Tower at Civic Center. MN ski pass required.

Two Harbors  Gooseberry Falls State Park

218-834-3855 (WH, P, B) Groomed, classic ski trail with many loops on gradual hills and unique views of frozen waterfalls. Ski over the bridge at Fifth Falls.
MN ski pass required.

Two Harbors  Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

218-595-7625 (WH, P, B) Beginner to intermediate trails with good views of Lake Superior and Split Rock River Valley. Trails are shared with fat bikes and snowshoers. Heated trail center with bathrooms is open year round and offers snowshoe rentals. Not groomed for skiing.

Two Harbors  Erkki Harju Trail

218-834-1430 (P) Intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trail through scenic city forest.
3km lit until 10 pm daily. MN ski pass required.

Virginia  Big Aspen Recreation Area

218-229-8800 (WH, P, B) Beginner to intermediate trail with shelters and a beautiful overlook on old logging roads and abandoned RR grades of the Virginia and Rainy Lake Lumber Co. in the Superior National Forest.

Virginia  Lookout Mountain Trail

218-229-8800 (P, B) Classic, user groomed trails in the Superior National Forest run along the Laurentian Divide. This crest of low, rocky hills divides the Red River and Rainy River basins from the Minnesota River and Lake Superior basins. Skiers can enjoy several scenic overlooks.



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