St. Croix Recreation Area / Boom Site Log

Minnesota DNR

The St. Croix Boom Site served as the terminal point for the great Minnesota log drives down the St. Croix River. Timber harvested upstream was branded with the logo of the logging company and floated down to the boom, where logs were sorted and delivered to the sawmills in Stillwater. This was the earliest, most important, and longest-lived of the major log storage areas in the state. This historic log sorting site was active from 1856-1914.

Today the islands at the site serve as recreational use for day landing of canoes, kayaks and boats on the St. Croix River. The Boom Site is a wayside rest off Hwy 95 between the towns of Marine on St. Croix and Stillwater. There are three stopping points along the highway - a wayside rest, the historical marker, and a scenic overlook that offers a beautiful view of the town of Stillwater in the distance.


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