Gunflint Trail Entry Points


The Gunflint Trail, Cook County Road 12, runs 60 miles from Grand Marais to Trails End at Seagull Lake. With 11 entry points, the Gunflint is the busiest of the Boundary Waters trails. There are five forest service campgrounds and several outfitters and resorts. Grand Marais is a bustling town on Lake Superior where canoes are common atop vehicle.


Gunflint Ranger District

Grand Marais, 218-387-1750


EP #43 - Bower Trout Lake: Access is a 72-rod portage from small parking area into Bower Trout. An easy trip into EP #44 - Ram which has a 90-portage and EP #45 - Morgan Lake with its 320-rod portage. This chain of lakes flows into the Brule River, scenic and less populated.  Note, however, that there are few campsites until one gets to Brule Lake.

#47 - Lizz and Swamp Lakes and several  other entry points can be accessed via Poplar Lake offering a wide variety of trip options. A 320-rod portage takes you into EP #48 - Meeds Lake. You can enter EP #49 - Skipper Lake and Portage Lake with a 320-rod portage or Iron Lake with a 230-rod portage. Lots of trip options like Gaskin with its island campsite. Look for the old man rock formation on Winchell.

#50 - Cross Bay Lake: A good walleye & bass lake. It takes two portages, a 50 and a 40 rod into Ham Lake and a 24 rod portage to Cross Bay Lake. You’ll find a nice beach at Karl Lake.

#51 - Missing Link Lake: Canoe landing at Round Lake with a 142 rod portage to Missing Link Lake which can take you to Sea Gull Lake via the cliffs of Gillis Lake as well as the larger lakes of Little Saganaga and Gabimichigami lakes. You will also find Mueller Falls and the Kekekabic Trail here. People wanting to catch Lake Trout in the spring or quiet in late summer take the 420-rod portage to Tuscarora Lake. 


#52 - Brant Lake: Canoe landing at Round Lake with an 85 and a 35 rod portage to Brant Lake. Nice winter skiing,  few hills  lot of flat portages. 

#54 Seagull Lake Large lake with several campsites. Good place to start a low portage trip. Eddy Falls at Eddy Lake is a highlight.

#55 - Saganaga Lake: Another large lake bordering Canada (the Crownland and Quetico Park). Huge lake with many campsites and easy access. Shares a federal parking lot with #54. Beautiful campsite at American Point.


#57 - Magnetic Lake: Access Magnetic Lake and Granite River from Gunflint Lake. Storm impacted areas. 


#80 - Larch Creek: This narrow creek is barely wide enough for a canoe for just over a mile where it widens to reveal a small falls. Our groups says this is a way to “sneak” into the Boundary Waters at Pine River just north of Magnetic Lake.


#58 - South Lake: Access is from Gunflint Lake with a 10 mile paddle and two short portages to South Lake. Storm impacted areas. 


#60 - Duncan Lake: Access is from West Bearskin Lake with  a  75  rod  portage  to  Duncan  Lake  and Stairway Portage. 

#61 Daniels Lake Access is from West Bearskin Lake 

with a 60 rod portage to Daniels Lake and a 460 rod portage to Rose Lake. Storm impacted areas. 


#62 - Clearwater Lake: Many trip options with additional portages. Storm impacted areas. Check fire restrictions just before starting your trip. 


#64 - East Bearskin Lake: Many trip options with additional portages. Storm impacted areas. 


#66 - Crocodile River: No trip options. Must spend all nights on Crocodile Lake. Storm impacted areas. 



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