Gateway Trail Log


Gateway Trail Log

A True Get-A-Way Trail

The Gateway Trail is a true get-a-way trail starting deep in metropolitan St. 


Paul just a mile north of the State Capitol finishing 18.3 miles at Pine Point Park five miles north of Stillwater.


Eventually, the trail will extend from the State Capital to Taylors Falls and link to trails leading to Duluth and into Wisconsin. 


Trail promoters also hope to connect Cayuga Avenue to University Avenue just below the Capital.


The paved trail on the old Soo Line Railway grade quickly changes from an urban trail to a rural-like trail with forests, lakes, wetlands and prairies with very little development and road noise.


It provides access to other trail opportunities in Phalen-Keller Regional Park, Bruce Vento Trail and connections to Stillwater, and other destinations in Washington County.


Gateway is also close to Como Park, Lake Elmo Regional Park, Afton State Park, William O'Brien State Park and the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.


If you access the trail on the southern end it's suggested you leave any valuables in trunk of your car.


There is an unpaved trail north of Hadley paralleling the paved trail used by horses and carriages as well as dog sleds in the winter.


The trail is also cleared of snow in the winter from Hadley south for bike comunters. 


Trail Log


The Gateway Trail begins on Cayuga Avenue just north of the Minnesota State Capital in St. Paul.


•M1.4 Arlington Avenue provides a parking lot and bathrooms.


•M3.0 The Phalen-Keller Regional Park offers biking, boating, canoeing, fishing, picnicking, swimming and sailing.


•M8.2 The trail comes to Hadley another popular starting point. At the crossing of I-694 and Hwy. 36 provides parking an a new water fountain.


•M8.6 There's parking here on a road parallel to 55th St. N.


•M8.6 There's parking here on a road parallel to 55th St. N.


•M8.7 The trail goes under I-694.


•M9.2 and 8.9 More ponds on the left; they're cool looking on a hot day. The trail is going downhill for sure.


•M9.8 A spacious tunnel avoids a trail crossing of busy Hwy. 36.


•M10 Ponds are on both sides of the trail.


•M10.35 to 10.15 The trail takes a different route as it goes down a short hill and winds around some curves.


•M11.5 Cross Hwy. 12; on-street parking is used by some bikers. Hwy 12 connects the trail to the Cities of Stillwater, Mahtomedi and White Bear Lake.


•M12.4 A deer ran across the trail in noontime daylight; it added to the feeling you're out in the country.


•M12.5 A scenic pond.


•M13.7 Cross a busy Hwy. 96 carefully. There is a parking area here on Masterman Lake that could be used as a trailhead. There is a portable toilet but no running water.


•M14 Branches of trees in this forested tunnel are so close to the trail you can touch them.


•M15.4 Another rest stop with a bench and table with an information kiosk that tells all about the Brown's Creek Watershed that you're riding through.


•M16.1 Cross busy Hwy. 15.


•M16.7 A nice bench provides a nice place to rest before finishing the last mile.


•M17 An open area leads to a busy highway. Cross with caution. 


•M18.3 Welcome to Pine Point County Park and the end of the trail.


Pine Point is a peaceful nature area with pine forests, lakes, and marshes. This park contains five miles of multi-use trails for biking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, hiking, and horseback riding on some of the finest trails in the Metropolitan area.



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