Fernberg Road Entry Points


















Fernberg Road east of Ely on County Hwy 18 offers three of the six most popular entry points, including the most popular, Moose Lake.


Kawishiwi Ranger District

Ely, 218-365-7561

EP #24 - Fall Lake:  USFS campgrounds access area hiking trails. From Fall Lake, motorboats are allowed into Newton, Pipestone, and Jackfish Bay, but the effort needed to portage boat and motor across several quarter-mile portages limits their actual use.  Fall Lake permits access the western end of Basswood Lake.


EP #25 - Moose Lake:  A popular starting point offering access to Basswood, Knife, and Ensign Lakes and the Canadian ranger station at Prairie Portage.  Travelers can take a 20 rod portage into Basswood Lake.  Restricted motorboat usage is allowed on the Moose Lake chain and southern parts of Basswood.  Five short portages lead visitors around spectacular rapids and northeast along the US-Canadian border Into Knife Lake.  An alternate route

into Ensign lake offers a short 35 rod portage and is a favored basecamp lake for families and fisherman.


EP #26 - Wood Lake:  Access to Wood Lake is via a 1/2 mile portage.  Travel beyond Wood Lake requires taking several longer portages and visitors may choose to enter Basswood, Good, or Indiana Lakes. 


EP #27 & #28 - Snowbank Lake: Restricted motor use is allowed on Snowbank Lake via the public boat access.  Canoeists can easily portage into either Parent or Disappointment Lakes within an hour of leaving the public launch point.  Boot Lake is also accessible via  portages on the northern end of Snowbank. 


EP #29 - North Kawishiwi River:  Access the North Kawishiwi River starting at Ojibway Lake using a unique roller portage that leads into Triangle Lake, then traverse a half mile portage that leads into the Kawishiwi River.  From the Kawishiwi River, visitors can exit through a variety of  points including Lake One or Farm Lake.  The Kawishiwi River has a variety of beautiful rapids and osprey are common residents In the summer. 


EP #30 - Lake One:  From the canoe landing at Lake One, access either the Lake One chain, or the Kawishiwi River system.  The Lake One entry offers easy portaging, smaller bodies of water, scenic rapids, and a variety of travel route options.  A popular starting point for families, youth groups, and fisherman.


EP #31 - Farm Lake:  Travel through a brief motorized area to access the Kawishiwi River system.  Once on the river, visitors can choose to travel south and exit through points along Highway 1, or move northward through the river and exit through Ojibway or Lake One. 



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