Cuyuna Country Bike Trail Log

Cuyuna Country Bike Trail (6.1 miles • Crosby)

Cuyuna Country Bike Trail is a 6.1 mile paved trail beginning at  the Croft Historic Mine Museum just north of Crosby and travels to Ironton and Riverton through the Cuyuna Country Recreation Area with its abandoned mines, deep, clear lakes and pine forests. 

 The trailway is a multi-use system designed with a paved bikeway, horse and snowmobile trail and an extensive mountain bike trail. The recreational area contains six natural lakes and 15 deep pit lakes providing a system of canoe and kayaking routes with exceptionally clean waters good for trout fishing and scuba diving.


Park on the end of 8th St NE or on the Portsmouth parking area on the west side of State Hwy 6 just north of Crosby. Parking is also available in Ironton near the water tower and at the Riverton trail termination on County Rd 128.

Mountain Biking

The finest mountain biking found anywhere in the Midwest is emerging within the 5,000 acre Cuyuna State Recreation Area which will include 40 miles of Mountain Bike Trails over the next couple years with four different levels of challenge.

 Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area

The Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is a 5,000 acre facility made up of abandon iron mines where the vegetation is coming back. The mines have open pit mines have filled up with water leaving a chain of clear lakesw perfect for scuba diving, trout fishing, canoeing and kayaking. There is a 17-site campground.


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