Hiking with Terri Tacheny

Trails Q&A: Superior Hiking Trail

Warrior pose on one of the scenic overlooks.


United States
47° 37' 39.3564" N, 90° 47' 0.5424" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 
Oberg Mountain Loop








Seen: Doing yoga at one of the scenic overlooks of the Oberg Mountain Loop on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Occupation: Retired Special Education Teacher, currently a therapeutic harpist doing volunteer work.

From: St. Paul, MN

Gear: Vasque hiking shoes, Outdoor Products hiking pole and backpack.

When did you start hiking: As a child. I had the good fortune to grow up near woods and fields and was a natural explorer and wanderer and I just loved the sense of being in nature.

Best experience: Spending a summer working at a camp in the Cascade Mountains created lasting memories of hikes with views of snowcapped mountains.

Worst experience: Hiking a muddy footpath in Borneo's Mulu National Park and sinking thigh-deep into a mud pit.

Favorite MN hiking trail: The hike to Shovel Point at Tettegouche State Park. It's definitely a "wow" place to hike along the North Shore.

How many miles do you hike a year: I would guess it's between 50 and 100 including the Superior Hiking Trail and St. Paul's city trails.

Trail Treat: I could say a nice glass of wine or a great foot massage, but there's nothing more memorable than being with the people you hiked with sharing the adventures of the day and laughing at all of the funny things that happened on the trail.

With $1,000 dollars I would: Give it to someone who really needs the money and encourage them to use it for an adventure, because that's the best way to experience life.

Advice for a novice hiker: Just start walking, even if you only walk around the block. Don't worry about the right gear, the right clothes, the right trail and leave your ego at home. Bring your heart and your sense of wonder, instead.





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