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Trails Q&A: Central Lakes Trail


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46° 14' 39.3936" N, 96° 1' 6.4128" W
Minnesota US
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Central Lakes Trail



Name: Travis Saunders

From: Adelaide, Australia

Seen: Biking the Central Lakes Trail near Fergus Falls on a tour across the northern US with his wife Fiona and son Patrick, who has autism.

Occupation: Former teacher, now a stay at home dad.

Gear: Hase Pino Tour bike, adapted to carry Patrick in front.

Why are you taking this trip? Fiona and I wanted to reconnect and do something together as a family. We're also filming a documentary about this experience.

Best Minnesota Experience? This trail! It's green and it's quiet. Minnesota scenery is amazing.

Favorite US place so far? Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We had to wait two hours for a herd of bison to clear the road. When they finally did, they walked alongside of us and we got to 'ride with the buffalo.'

How many miles do you bike in a year? We haven't biked in many years and this is our way of getting back into it.

Trail Treat: We've adopted a low-sugar diet and it's been difficult to find healthy food along the route. However, I'll have a cold, thick milk shake on a hot day.

Advice for someone bike traveling with a special needs child: Do it. We have adopted a saying in our house: "There's nothing we can't do."

With $1000 I would: Money doesn't affect our lives that much. It's about relationships and time spent together, but with that money I would develop a working bug spray.

Future Plans: Tour the rest of the world and promote cycling for kids with disabilities.


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The Saunders Family on the Central Lakes Trail


Travis, Patrick (Patch) and Fiona Saunders


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