Sakatah Singing Hills Trail

The straight, flat Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail runs over paved abandoned railroad bed through cool, wooded areas as well as through open, sun-drenched farm fields.

It goes nearly 39 miles between Mankato and Faribault with stops in smaller towns along the way that break up the ride and give cyclists many options to begin or end their ride.

Besides the woods and open fields, there are several river crossings, thousands of sumac, many ponds, several lakes, and lots of benches (often several per mile) for resting.

About three-fourths of the trail is under a canopy of tall trees, giving the trail a boulevard feeling at times, and a forested feeling at other times. The other quarter of the trail is through open and sunny farm land, making this ride perfect for hot days when you’re looking for some shade, but wanting some sunshine, too.

The trail is full of pleasant surprises, including a small lake that spawns all kind of wildlife that crosses the trail, a mixture of big and small towns, a state park that is biker-friendly and a mid-point trail center that has indoor bathrooms and cool water. Read more:



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