Red Lake River

By Megan Huls
Minnesota Trails Reporter

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Red Lake River becoming a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Canoe Route, a few determined outdoor enthusiasts set out to paddle the entire 193-mile stretch from Lower Red Lake to the confluence with the Red River of the North in East Grand Forks. 

Long-time friends, Jim dale Huot-Vickery of Ely, Minnesota, and Wayne Goeken of Erskine, Minnesota, were given permission to begin their journey on May 29th at the headwaters of the river on the Chippewa Red Lake Indian Reservation. Before entering their canoes, the paddlers took part in a pre-trip blessing of the waters led by Red Lake Nation Chairman Floyd "Buck" Jordain, where tobacco was placed in the water for safe travels. The public began joining the Rendezvous the following day, as paddlers joined in for the next 12 days of the tour. Paddlers ranged in age from four to 89. Read more:


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