Minnesota River Bluffs LRT

The 27-mile trail consists of two corridors between Hopkins and Victoria and between Hopkins and Chanhassen running on abandon rail beds. With grades of five percent or less, the 10-foot wide crushed limestone trail is ideal for biking, walking or running. The trail is two-way and includes wooden bridges and several road crossings. The corridors were acquired by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA) for future light rail transit use. A cooperative agreement between HCRRA and Hennepin Parks allows the corridors to be used for interim recreational purposes. Hennepin Parks operates the trail for spring, summer and fall. Check with municipalities for permitted winter trail activities. Trail Highlights: 27 miles of trail for biking, walking, running and pet walking. Scenic views of Minnehaha Creek, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Riley, Bluff Creek Ravine and Minnesota River Valley. Trail passes through or near Carver Park Reserve and city parks with picnic and toilet facilities.


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