Gooseberry Falls State Park

By Jim Umhoefer Trails Reporter Lake County. About 12 miles northeast of Two Harbors on Highway 61. Highway map index: N-9 There are five waterfalls in Gooseberry Falls State Park. Most dramatic are the Upper and Lower Falls near the Highway 61 bridge. The river tumbles 30 feet over the Upper Falls, glides to the two-tiered Lower Falls and plunges 60 feet into the last pool before spilling into Lake Superior. The Fifth falls, though scenic, is not as spectacular as the ones near the highway bridge, but because it's about a 1.5 mile one-way hike, it's not as crowded, either. A footbridge near the Fifth Falls allows hikers to return to the parking lot on the other side of the river. Because the big waterfalls are so close to the road, sightseeing crowds can be as thick as the riverbank trees. Even so, the falls are a "must see" before heading upriver or into the conifer, aspen and birch forests on the 18-mile trail network. You can hike the length of the park along the Gooseberry River or explore the uplands on trails dotted with overlooks. Small trail shelters are scattered along the main paths. Read more:


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