Flandrau State Park



United States
46° 8' 45.4668" N, 94° 40' 28.8588" W

By Jim Umhoefer
Trails Reporter

Brown County. Adjacent to and partially within New Ulm city limits. The park is several blocks south of highways 15 and 68, 2 miles south of Highway 14. Highway map index: G-19.

Flandrau State Park retains its natural character even though it's just a short walk or bike ride from residential areas in New Ulm. The park is bounded by steep wooded slopes that seem to guide the Cottonwood River on its curvy course. The river wanders through bottomland forest and grassy openings, past oxbow lakes and marshes where it used to flow.

The Oxbow Trail is a loop that leads you into the lowland world of the Cottonwood River. This is a one-mile self-guided interpretive trail where you can learn about some of the natural features of the park. Read more:


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