Dakota Trail

From Minneapolis/St Paul, go west on 394, exiting at Wayzata Blvd exit.  At Central Ave, take a left, heading south to Lake St.  Head west on Lake St. until you come to the Historic Depot.  Take a left at the stop sign and continue west in the parking lot at Shaffer Park until you come to the Trail User parking spots. The trail is accessible on the west end in St. Bonifacius at Highway 7

Trail Log

  • Leaving the parking lot, head up the trail to Ferndale Rd, crossing it.  Head west, paralleling Highway 15.

2.0 Cross Orono Orchard Rd.

3.3 Cross Spates Ave.

3.4  Cross Old North Shore Road. 

Large wetlands on the north side of the trail. 

4.0 Wooden bridge crossin Lake Minnetonka.  This is the community of Minnetonka  Beach, and the trail crosses several driveways, marked by white paving stones.  Be alert for cars.

5.7  Cross Shadywood Rd.

6.5 Cross Sunset Dr.

7.4 Minnetonka Drive In.  Burgers, malts, chicken, and homemade root beer!  11-9:30, seven  days a week, open seasonally.

8.4   Cross Shoreline Drive.  A major street, proceed with caution.

10.8 Big Stone Sculpture Garden and Mini Golf

12.2 Cross Halstead, a dirt road.

13.3 St. Bonifacius.  St. Boni's Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch, T-F, 10-2, Sat-Sun 8-2.



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