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46° 8' 45.4668" N, 94° 40' 28.8588" W


Minnesota’s watery northeastern border with Canada has been a canoe destination for thousands of years. The million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness offers quiet solitude, learning experiences and challenging adventures.


Each year more than 200,000 permits are issued to visitors eager to paddle  its pristine lakes, rolling rivers and pine forests -- to camp and fish, spot a moose, and listen for the haunting howl of the wolf.


The following pages offer a brief primer to introduce you to the 88 entry points that lead into the BWCAW.


This information is gleaned from the knowledge of Minnesota Trails staff, our paddling friends, the U.S. Forest Service,  and BWCAW outfitters and guides.


There is a wealth of literature to inform and inspire you as you delve into this enchanting place that author Sigurd Olson calls “The Singing Wilderness.”




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