Camping with Stephanie

Trails Q&A: Glendalough State Park


United States
46° 19' 41.3508" N, 95° 39' 56.1888" W
Minnesota US

Name: Stephanie Walters & daughter Sydney

From: Minneapolis

Job: Student health doctor at Macalester College

Seen at: The canoe-in Osprey yurt site at Glendalough State Park

What do you like about Glendalough: Tidy campsites, great yurt, bit hot in August, we had a test coming across the lake in the wind, had to walk through the weeds at the end but it was a good test that the kids passed well. We had chili & s’mores by the fire that night.

Best camping: Rock Island State Park, Wisconsin was like the Caribbean on the Great Lakes.

Worst camping: Interstate State Park was bad but the park is a great day trip from the Twin Cities.

With $1000:  My parents owned a cabin so we never got to see much of Minnesota. We’ve now camped at eight parks and seen much of the state. I would spend $1,000 on reservations all across the state.

Goals: Immerse ourselves in Minnesota through the state parks.


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