Biking with Andrea Sweeney

Trails Q&A: Centennial Trail


United States
45° 40' 8.202" N, 95° 22' 40.7244" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 


Seen: Riding her road bike on a 40-mile loop on the Centennial Trail between Villard and Glenwood and the Glacial Ridge Scenic Byway.

Occupation: Director of Cardiovascular Programs at Abbot Northwestern Hospital.

Why do you ride? I'm a marathoner and I wanted to diversify my workouts.

Favorite place to ride: I don't discriminate, because I'm always looking for a new places to explore.

Best Experience: Seeing nature in a different way and meeting friendly, helpful people along the way.

Worst Experience: Pouring rain at Hillfest in Prescott, Wisconsin. But you learn from your mistakes.

Trail treat: Salted Nut Roll.

Advice for new cyclists: Find a riding buddy or a group to ride with. Don't be intimidated by spandex. My padded bike shorts are my favorite piece of gear.

With $1000 I would: Spend half on gear and give half to trail advocacy.




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