Guiding with Kelsey Olson

Trails Q & A: Sibley State Park


United States
45° 19' 13.908" N, 95° 1' 9.7644" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 
Sibley State Park


Name:  Kelsey Olson

From: Minnetrista

Occupation: Naturalist at Sibley State Park.

Seen: Interpretive Center at Sibley State Park.

How long have you been a naturalist? About five years, three with the Minnesota DNR.

Why are you a naturalist? I am drawn to working with people and I grew up outdoors. This is the perfect build of those two worlds.

Why Sibley? My great-grandfather homesteaded an area that is now part of the park. I'm 5th generation Norwegian.

Sibley's special features? The combination of prairie, oak savannah, and prairie potholes with wetlands is very unique.

Favorite state park? If I had to choose one besides this one, it would be Blue Mounds.

Best experience? I have those almost every day. Last week I saw a bird of prey eat a snake in a tree.

Worst experience? Poison Ivy. It happens all the time.

Trail treat: Good, homemade jerky and dried fruit.

Advice for aspiring naturalists: Get out and get active in the field, volunteer, and do citizen science.




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