Chainsawing with Jenette Kloss

Trails Q&A: Blue Mounds State Park


United States
43° 42' 51.4584" N, 96° 11' 4.6176" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 
Blue Mounds State Park

Name: Jenette Kloss

Home: Marshall, MN

Job: Crewmember Minnesota Conservation Corps, MCC, on a 10-month contract.

Seen: Removing woody vegetation from native prairie at Blue Mounds State Park.

Biggest MCC project: working 12 days fighting wild fires near Little Falls using a Pulaski to break up logs.

Worst MCC project: Hand picking garlic mustard at Sibley State Park.

Gear: Stihl 362 chain saw she calls Scarlet, blaze orange Forestwear chaps, safety helmet, leather work gloves and steel-toed boots.

Trail Treat: Trail mix.

Goal: Hoping the points gathered working for MCC will lead to a job with the National Park Service.


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