Northland Fat Bike Rally

The first 1k of the Northland Fat Bike Rally on Lake Bemidji


United States
47° 32' 8.4804" N, 94° 49' 30.5184" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 
Lake Bemidji State Park

Cory Boushee of the Bemidji Area Mountain Bikers (BAMB) had a busy day on Sunday, March 1, but to him it was all worth it. 53 cyclists, 7 women and 46 men, travelled from as far away as North Dakota for some friendly 10k and 20k fatbike competition at Lake Bemidji State Park. The first ever Northland Fat Bike Rally was part of a DNR pilot program to gauge interest in fatbike use in Minnesota state parks. For this one day, all hiking and skiing trails in the park were open to fatbikes.

"I'm happy", said Boushee after the awards ceremony at the warming house. "I think our guess was we would have about 20 participants." It took almost 20 volunteers, not including park staff, to pull off the event.

The newly formed BAMB started working with the DNR last november to plan this event and Boushee is already making plans for the future. "Next year's goal is to attract 65 to 75 riders and to grow BAMB into a sustainable club to keep the mountain bike trails we have in Bemidji."

In the next few weeks BAMB will be sending surveys to gather feedback from riders in hopes of growing the event. Even though he's been busy planning since November, he is sure about this: "I'd do it again."




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