Night Hiking with Andrew

Trails Q&A: Flandrau State Park


United States
44° 17' 24.9468" N, 94° 28' 30.7632" W
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Flandrau State Park, New Ulm, MN

From: Springfield, MN
Occupation: Student in the ninth grade, Eagle Scout, and proprietor of Andy's Bike Shop.
Seen: Night Hiking with his family at Flandrau State Park.
Gear: Spy goggles, Grenade gloves, Sessions coat
Why do you come here?  My mom Mary and my dad Lynn have been taking my brothers Joseph and James, and me to the same cabin at Flandrau for the last three New Years eves. We usually have a bonfire, go for night hikes and hang out at the cabin.
Which state park is your favorite? Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. We could see the lighthouse, Lake Superior, and the Apostle Islands right from our tent. The night we camped there, they turned on the lighthouse for the 100-year anniversary.
Describe your best Minnesota outdoor experience: Going to Dent Lake in the Boundary Waters. Our scout troop canoed a 50-mile loop in four days with a 480-rod portage. It's one of the quietest places I have ever been to.
Which is your favorite Minnesota Trail? The Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail, because of the scenery. One day soon, I hope we'll go to Cuyuna.
Trail Treat: Anything I can get my hands on. One time I ate an ant on a dare.
Advice for someone travelling outdoors: Be prepared and bring a pocketknife.
With $1000 I would: Buy a fatbike.
Do you really have a bike shop? Yes. Last September my parents bought me a full Park Tools set and I started my own shop where I do repairs. There is a lot of demand for service in our area.


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