Snowshoeing with the Hartmans

Trails Q&A: Cuyuna Lakes


United States
46° 29' 24.432" N, 93° 59' 54.0132" W
Minnesota US
Location name: 
Sagamore Mine Lake, Crosby, MN

Home: Crosby, MN
Occupation:  Joel is a real estate agent and the Cuyuna Trail Maintenance Director, Kathy is a real estate transaction coordinator.
Seen: Snowshoeing and fatbiking at Sagamore Mine Lake, Cuyuna Lakes State Recreation Area. Part of Joel's job as the Trail Maintenance Director is to walk the trails on a regular basis. His crew, the 'Snow Zombies', groom the trails by walking them with snow shoes.
Gear: Surly Moonlander, Salsa Mukluk, and Tubbs snowshoes.
What do you like about the Cuyuna trails: The hills, the scenery, and flying down that sweet 20-inch snowy singletrack. In the summer we always wear a swimsuit so we can stop off at one of the many pit lakes.
Best Ride: Sandhog at Cuyuna, which was named best mountain bike trail in the nation by IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association.
Trail Treat: Beer, chocolate milk, and whatever we can find to eat after a long day out.
With $1000 we would: Buy our daughter Mikaela a better mountain bike for summer riding.





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