Skiing with Kent

Trails Q&A: Brainerd Arboretum


United States
46° 21' 29.8224" N, 94° 13' 44.346" W
Location name: 
Brainerd Arboretum, Brainerd, MN

Home: Brainerd, MN

Occupation: Instructor in the Natural Resources Department at Central Lakes College and volunteer ski coach at Brainerd Junior High School.

Seen: Waiting for his students to arrive at the Brainerd Arboretum ski trails.

Gear: Alpina ski boots, Atomic skis, and Yoho poles. 

What's your favorite trail at the Arboretum? Big Ben. It has lots of climbs and drops.

Best Skiing Experience: My best time is anytime I'm out there skiing with the kids.

Worst Skiing Experience: None. What do they say? The worst day fishing still beats the best day at work.

Advice for new skiers: Hook up with a club or a team. We learn from each other and keep each other going.

Why do you ski? Because it keeps me in shape. And because I still can.

How did you get started skiing? In tenth grade my dad bought me a set of skis and I joined the high school team. He must have known something I didn't back then.

Trail Treat: A nice pint of Fenceline beer from Jackpine Brewery in Baxter.

With $1000 I would: Buy a few more sets of high-end skis for the high school kids.



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