Bouldering with Lynn Larson



United States
46° 7' 51.1284" N, 92° 51' 17.4852" W

Home: Eagan, MN

Occupation: Photo stylist

Seen: Bouldering at Eldon Boulders, soon to be part of Banning State Park.

Gear: FiveTen climbing shoes, Organic crash pad and chalk bag, a brush for cleaning rock and a file for calluses.

Why do you come here? This area has the largest, most concentrated bouldering area close to the Twin Cities, and the mild texture of the sandstone here won’t rip your fingertips off right away.

Why do you climb? Climbing challenges me as much mentally as physically. It’s also my only real form of exercise.

How did you get started? Boyfriend, 15 years ago. Sad to say, but most girls get introduced to climbing by a male friend who has already found it.

Best Climbing Experience: Seeing areas that were once off limits become available to everyone.

Worst Climbing Experience: Going home not having sent, or completed, a climb.

Advice for new climbers: Do it as long as you love it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll gain strength.

Trail Treat: Hardboiled eggs and a big chunk of cheese. Protein, protein, protein.

With $1000 I would: Go on a rock-climbing road trip around the state.




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