Fishing with Luke Heuchert



United States
48° 43' 54.138" N, 96° 38' 4.5816" W

Name: Luke Heuchert

Home: St Thomas, ND

Occupation: High School senior helping out on family grain farm.

Seen: At the WPA water tower at Lake Bronson State Park after a day of fishing at the dam for perch and rock bass. Kittson County doesn't have a lake. The dam, which was the largest WPA program in Minnesota employed 600 people creating the Lake Bronson Reservoir which provides water during drought years and for recreation. The water tower no longer holds water but serves as an observation tower and interpretive displays.

What do you like about this park: It is quiet, beautiful, the historic buildings, fishing.

How often to you come to Lake Bronson: This is my first time. We usually go to Icelandic State Park in North Dakota.

Best park experience: Visiting Medora Old West Show and eating at the Pitch Fork Fondue.

What would you do with $1000:  Give to the park to stock the lake.

Advice: Listen to your cousins when they give you advice.

After: Clean and enjoy a good meal of fish.


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