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Trails Q&A: Soo Line Trail


United States
45° 49' 15.6936" N, 94° 24' 10.9188" W

Trails Q&A

Name: Joff Summerfield

Occupation: Penny-farthing builder and racer.

Hometown: London, England

Seen: On SOO-Line Trail near Bowlus, riding a penny-farthing on his second 22,000-mile trip around the world because "When you’re on the road, you remember every day, and that’s how I want to live."

Gear: A penny-farthing he built himself, and a South African style British Army pith helmet. "Riding a single-speed is a lot more work than riding a regular bike, that’s why I travel slowly and go about 40-50 miles a day, with lots of breaks. You cannot stand up and give your bottom a rest, and the seat is quite uncomfortable." There is only one gear, and your pedals are always turning when you’re in motion. Both tires are made of a solid rubber piece with tire tread glued to it.The top tread usually lasts about 7000 miles.

Best experience on this trip: Has been discovering the bike trails in the US and the lovely people. "Everyone is so welcoming and open."

Worst experience: "None so far, but on my last trip I was robbed in Prague and had a bout of dysentery from drinking tainted water in Turkey".                                                             

Trail Treat: Pasta for carbs. Chocolate, if he can keep it from melting.

How much does your bike and your gear weigh? Together they weigh less than 90 pounds including a small laptop computer, solar panels, and a hub dynamo with a USB port. Bigger bags would make it impossible to mount the bike.  

Advice: "Carry a smile, it weighs nothing."







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