Camping with Luis Ocana

Trail Q&A: Glendalough


United States
46° 19' 41.1096" N, 95° 39' 56.25" W
Trails Q & A
Name: Luis Ocana 
Home: South Minneapolis
Work: Stone molder for federal highways
Seen: Eating Alambre tacos made of sirloin steak, green peppers, bacon at Glendalough State Park.
Like about Glendalough: Very clean lake to fish and swim with children. The children caught eight fish today that we fried up tonight. 
Best camping experience: This is my second time, like very much, good to do with family, relaxing to be in nature, see birds, plants, lake.
Gear: Family size Greatland tent, Coleman two burner stove and my favorite Mexican sarape blanket. You can take the boy out of Mexico but you can’t take Mexico out of the boy.
Favorite treat: Smores are nice by the campfire but I really like a cold bottle of Deschutes IPA beer.
With $1,000: I’d buy a small fishing boat to fish with the kids.
Advice: Have a good friend to go camping with.
Goals: To keep camping with family and friends.


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