Hardwood Creek/Sunrise Praire Trail Log

Hardwood Creek

   The 8-mile-long Hardwood Creek Trail begins just across the highway from the end of the Sunrise Prairie Trail in Forest Lake and ends in Hugo.
Along the Trail:

   •M8.4 The trail ends in Hugo; there’s a parking area on the west side of the trail that you can use as a trailhead, but there are no toilets or water.

   The 16.2-mile-long Sunrise Prairie Trail, bathed in sunshine and skirting prairie lands, travels through some of the wide open areas north of the Metro area that blend developed and undeveloped lands.

   The trailhead in North Branch is at the intersection of Hwys. 95 and 30 where there’s plenty of parking, several picnic tables and a spacious public bathroom that’s perfect for changing.

Along the Trail:

   •M 32.7 The Stacy trailhead includes a park that is full of trees for some shade.   There are bathrooms, tables, playground and water (in the lion’s head).

This could also serve as the start of your ride; there’s plenty of parking so cyclists can begin here and go to each end of the trail.

   •M 32.6 This first bridge crosses the West Branch of the Sunrise River.

   •M 30.7 The trail is its closest to the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area that is not far from both sides of the trail between Stacy and Wyoming.

   •M 28.8 The trail crosses the South Branch of the Sunrise River.

   •M 28.7 The Wyoming trailhead has lots of parking, some picnic tables and a toilet.

This would be another option for starting the ride. From here the trail hugs Hwy. 61 more closely.

   •M 24.4 The Sunrise Prairie Trail ends and the Hardwood Creek Trail begins at Broadway (Hwy. 2). Parking in Forest Lake is available at the north intersection of US Hwy 61 and County Road 8 (Frenchman Road); or north of the Forest Lake City Hall at Lake Street (US Hwy 61) and Broadway Avenue (County State Aid Hwy 2).


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