Douglas Trail Log

Douglas Trail Log

From Pine Island to Roschester

The following is a description of the ride from Pine Island to Rochester.

Wooden mileage markers along the trail begin at “0” at the Rochester end, so this ride from Pine Island starts at M12.7 and ends at M0. Also note the old stone mileage markers from the railroad days.

•M12.7 The trail begins right in the woods with a small bridge just a few spins away, and a longer bridge another few spins more. That sets the tone for the ride that is shaded by large trees forming a canopy over much of the length of the trail.

•M.12.4 to M11.9 The Pine Island golf course is on your left and the Middle Fork of the Zumbro River is on your right.

•M11.5 If you feel like you are biking through the middle of a farm, it’s because you are. Cows are on your right and left, with wonderful barnyard smells all over. To make the picture complete, you may also hear the neat sounds of kids at play.

•M11.2 The trail breaks out of the canopy for awhile as it goes through crop land.

•M10.5 Stop at the picnic table if you’d like a rest.

•M9.1 The trail goes back into thick woods; what is that big tree where the trail widens?

•M9 A bench if you’d like to rest. Another is at M6.

•M8 The trail breaks out into the open, just in time for some sunshine, and then heads back into the deep woods again.

•M7.6 You’re more than a third of the way down the trail, so if you’d like a nice spot to stop, enjoy the shelter and picnic tables here. The shelter is also a good place to escape any sudden rain shower.

•M7.5 Be careful as you cross a busy Hwy. 3.

•M7.4 This bridge is a nice place to stop and watch the Zumbro River, which is now carrying water from Plum Creek just a short distance away. And just down the trail are horses that add to the trail’s rural magic.

•M7 Watch for wild turkeys that have been known to cross here.

•M7.8 The new overlay ends, but the trail is still in good shape.

•M4.7 You’ll be crossing Hwy. 14, but you could take a few spins east or west and enjoy the little town of Douglas, the trail’s namesake. Across the highway is a large rest area complete with a hand pump, toilets and a log-sided shelter. Most of the trail will be shaded, often in thick woods, from here to the trail’s end.

•M4.3 The woods recede and the fields open up, but just for awhile. Notice how few bugs there are despite the shaded environment?

•M1.8 That contrast is even more apparent as you cross a busy road that takes you into the residential areas of Rochester. But the trail is still cuddled amidst large trees.

M1.5 A golf course on your right and the sounds of traffic up ahead.

M1.3 A little bridge and then a nice climb to a larger bridge that crosses a busy road (55th street; hold and check your brakes on the rapid descent.

M.3 Another big bridge in this industrial area.

M0 The trail ends (near Hwy. 4). Rest at one of the picnic tables, hide in the shelter if its raining and use the toilet before beginning your return ride.

You can also start your trip along the forty miles of bike trails within the City of Rochester.



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