Backpacking with Ginny Gelms

Trails Q&A: Itasca State Park


United States
47° 10' 14.844" N, 95° 11' 46.374" W

Name: Ginny Gelms

Home: Minneapolis

Job: Elections Manager, Hennepin County

Seen: Hiking on the Red Pine Trail at Itasca State Park for a weekend of camping at backpack site six.

Gear: Keen hiking shoes, REI backpack, tent, whistle and stove and enough freeze dried food for three days.

Trail Treat: Apple sauce, turkey jerky, maybe a hard-boiled eggs and for sure chocolate chip cookies fried on a cook stove from flour and water.

Best Hike: Afton state park with is pack in campsites, wild life and scenic overlooks.

With $1,000: More base layer clothing.

Like about backpacking: Getting away from city, its quiet, I like the nature and the slow pace. 

Advice: Get good shoes, good pack


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