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Images of swollen Gooseberry River, glowing Split Rock sunrises, and chiseled Tettegouche cliffs have filtered through Paul Sundberg’s lens for the past 35 years. Especially stunning are his winter shots of the frosty shore.
             Working your way up a long, snowy hill, sailing down the other side, negotiating around birch trees and rocks, and then stopping to take in the beauties of winter aren’t thrills limited to cross country skiers only.             Now, fat tire mountain bikers are enjoying the wilds of winter in greater numbers, thanks to bike innovations and specially-groomed trails at places like the...
  Riding Horses Along Tatanka Bluffs    by Dave Simpkins Trails Editor/Publisher
The Greening of State Parks   By: Britt Aamodt
Superior Revelations   By:  Jan Lasar Last Labor Day Weekend’s biking trip to the North Shore didn’t turn out like my wife Jen and I expected.
Growing up in Detroit, the outdoors was the city block where you jumped rope and rode bikes, says Maxine Hall. Maxine moved to Minnesota 13 years ago, not for its abundant nature, but for a job. Still, when her son, Langston, hit the ripe age of five, he started making noises about camping. Camping? Like with tents and bug spray and water from an outdoor spigot, or worse yet, filtered from a lake...



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