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Freezer Burn Fat Bike Race

Outdoor Edge Bike Shop
Springvale County Park, Cambridge, MN
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Sat, 01/12/2019 - 08:00

Fat bike racing  6, 12, or 18 miles of logging trails, single track, and ice.

We'll have hot dogs,coffee,hot chocolate and a bonfire going to keep you warm.

Mass start with the 18-milers going first then 12-mile and 6-mile racers. You'll start out with some logging trails that will take you into the woods of pines an oaks. Then you will hit some single track with 3 or 4 different boardwalks, back into logging trails before you hit the ice on the small lake back to the finish line or your 2nd or 3rd loop depending on your distance you are doing. We will have an after party at the Cambridge Bar and Grill. Bring your bike and have fun!



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