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Autumn Gravel Grovel

Venga Velo
Miesville, MN
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Sun, 09/30/2018 - 10:00

Come ride the scenic, rustic roads of Goodhue county with your new best buddies. There's lots of gravel, a little tarmac (boo!) and a whole lot of hills to work you over. 

The AGG is an unsupported ride, which means no support, no sag stops and no support vehicles. Towns and c-stores will be extremely sparse so come prepared. The course will not be marked but .tcx files and cue sheets in pdf form will be available in the week leading up to the ride. Your postcard entry is acknowledgment that you are responsible for yourself, your equipment, your navigation and your safety. If you have ever sued anyone for anything, please stay home.

Email reservations are open and limited to 100 riders. 

You MUST include your name, address, email, phone and the statement: "I understand I am participating in an unsupported group ride and am responsible for myself."

Lastly, bring some beers, cookies or something tasty to share after the ride.


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