Wild River weekend programs

Weekend Programs at Wild River State Park for July 3-5

by: Minnesota DNR

Friday, July 3   3 p.m. at the visitor center. Geocaching 101  
Discover geocaching, a modern kind of treasure hunt where you find the
“treasure” using a GPS unit.  Attend this starter course to learn
about geocaching, using a GPS, and then practice finding an actual
cache!  Six GPS units will be available for use; bring your own if you
have one.

Friday, July 3  9 p.m. at the campground amphitheater.  
Two Little Owls.  Have you ever heard of a winged tiger?  It’s a name
sometimes applied to great horned owls.  The young owls in this film
look more like kittens, but they will grow up to be skilled and powerful
predators.  Learn a few of the fascinating abilities owls use in order
to be successful.

Saturday, July 4   10 a.m. at the Trail Center.  Just For Kids!
Come join us for the second in a new series of weekly programs made
Just for Kids! This week’s topic is Turtles. We will  learn all about
what makes turtles such a  unique animal through interactive learning
and hands-on  activities.  Ages 6-10.

Saturday, July 4  2 p.m. at the visitor center.  Bug Show.  
Bruce The Bug Guy will provide entertainment and education about some
of the world’s smallest critters.  See (and touch, if you dare) a
giant millipede, hissing cockroach, or a “friendly” tarantula; view
an incredible assortment of specimens of metallic-blue butterflies,
walking sticks a half-foot long, beetles with giant pincers, and more.

Sunday, July 5   11 a.m. at the visitor center.  Slithery Snakes!  Are
snakes slithery, sneaky, and slimy?  Or are they cool, quiet, and
cautious?  Learn about the snakes found in this park, see live examples
(Ripley, a 5 3/4 foot bull snake, and Winnie the garter snake), and
touch - if you dare - a representative of this fascinating group of



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