Trikes on the Gitchi-Gami Trail

By Melissa Ganje, FOX 21 News

CASTLE DANGER, Minn. - It's an outdoor excursion where you can trike, then hike.  Near Castle Danger, we hopped on the Gitchi-Gami State Trail with the co-owner of Trikes for Life.

"Words cannot describe, it has to be experienced," said Bob Risch of Castle Danger.  It's an easy to ride, recumbent tricycle.  "The fun factor is absolutely unbelievable with them and we fell in love with them when we discovered them and I have no desire really to ride anything else but," said Risch.  Risch and his business partner Kathy Cavallin of Two Harbors started Trikes for Life Excursions.  After commuting 55 miles to Duluth for more than 20 years, Risch, a former Duluth school teacher, wanted to do something right out his back door.  "When finally the opportunity came to actually do something where I live, right out my driveway, there was a high motivational factor right there for me, plus the fact that I enjoy being outdoors," said Risch.  Now, Trikes for Life is in its 3rd summer.  "Wow!  I'll tell you, this year, it's been really fun and we've been found!" said Risch.

It's a fully supported and outfitted excursion where you trike and hike.  "We have the opportunity to give people a different perspective of the North Shore," said Risch.  Trikes for Life Excursions takes you on a leisurely journey on the Gitchi-Gami State Trail to see the North Shore in a whole new way.  "That's part of our charge is to get people into rivers and waterfalls and beaches and just scenic walks that they probably might never know about," said Risch.  With the Gitchi-Gami State Trail as the anchor, the trip travels through 3 of Minnesota's State Parks with opportunities to get off the trike and explore some of the North Shore's hidden gems.  "We've really researched out what we can do that goes beyond the bike trail to open up new vistas for people," said Risch.  And Risch says it's for all ages and abilities.  "Lance Armstrong could work up a sweat on them and people who could never ride a bike can ride these, they love it," said Risch.  A chance to get out into nature and experience it from a unique vantage point.  "In my sitting position here, I have the ability to look where I'm going and enjoy the journey.  You got to experience it, you have to experience it," said Risch.

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