Trails Q&A: Oxcart Trail



Name: Alyssa Swartz, with foster parents Conrad & Laurie Everts and dog Abby

Hometown: Brainerd

Age:  10

Seen:  Cross-country skiing along the Red River Oxcart Trail at Crow Wing State Park

What do you like about cross-country skiiing: It’s easier to ski than it is to walk!

How many times have you been skiing: This is my fourth time. We went a couple times at

Yellowstone and one other local trail and here.

What is your favorite trail: The one in Yellowstone. It’s hard to compete with the wolves and grizzlies we saw out there! Conrad adds: French Rapids have the best trails around! There are great hills and curves. That’s were I like to go when I leave the women at home!

Gear: Rossignol Advantage cross-country skis

What is your favorite treat to eat while cross-country skiing: Beef jerky

What advice can you give others wanting to try cross-country skiing: Enjoy it. But, Laurie adds, learn how to fall first!



United States
46° 21' 2.5884" N, 94° 11' 28.6224" W


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