Trails Q&A: Mesabi Trail

Name: Randy Cain

Home: Cohasset


Computer Technician

Seen at: The Grand Rapids’ gateway to the Mesabi Bike Trail, waiting for friends

Gear: A “cheapy” Mongoose 21-speed mountain bike with a high-tech Garmin GPS unit to track time, mileage, and calories burned.

Average trip: About 15 miles. Longer if I ride from Cohasset to Grand Rapids and up the Mesabi Trail and back.

What do you like about the Mesabi Trail: Oh, the woods, the lakes and the rivers. There are plenty of hills - plenty of downhills. I usually ride only as far as Taconite before I head back to Cohasset.

What is your favorite

Minnesota trail:  The Superior  Trail - definitely. That’s the most scenic and interesting one.

What advice do you have for cyclists in Northern

Minnesota:  Bring lots of liquid - you can’t drink enough - a backpack and a GPS unit is really helpful.



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