Trails Q&A: Cass County Trail

Name: Danielle Engels 

Home: Mankato 

Seen: jogging/running on the East Gull Lake/Cass County Recreational Trail 

What brings you to this area: vacationing with my family at Gull Lake Resort 

Why are you out jogging on the trail: I’m training for the Twin Cities marathon. Actually there are three more in my family training as well. 

What do you like about this trail: I like that it’s not all off in the woods. I like that it’s out in the open more. It’s also long, and I get in the mileage that I need. 

Favorite Trails: I don’t really have one. I usually just run around town or wherever I can find a trail. 

How often do you run: I run quite often now since I’m training. 

Gear: Saucony running shoes and my iPod – I can’t run without my iPod! 

What advice can you give to fellow runners: don’t think about how far you are running, that just makes it harder. Also, take different routes and trails. I like to run new areas so I don’t get bored. 



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