Trails Q&A: Bear Grease Dog Sled Marathon

Name: (l to r) Nancy, Rachel (13), Mike and Leah (7) Cournoyer

Hometown: Minneapolis

Seen: Bedding down the dogs at the Sawbill checkpoint of the 29th Annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon 

What brings you here:  We are avid skiers and plan a yearly trip to this area. Last year we were up here skiing and had heard about the Beargrease. We thought it might be fun to check out the race, but we had missed it by a week. So this year we scheduled our trip date to coincide with the race. I called ahead of time to see if we could volunteer to help out, and they said they could use all the help they could get, so here we are!

What is the best aspect of being here: Just being here and seeing the dogs, it’s fun running the dogs back to their spots to bed down. It’s a great feeling being a part of this. It’s a very well-run operation.

Gear: Heavy coats, hats, mittens, boots, scarves. . . anything to help keep you warm!!!

What is your favorite treat out here in the cold: Hot chocolate and Hershey’s chocolate bars! 

What advice do you have for others who would like to check out sled dog races: It’s really fun, but make sure to dress appropriately. . . you might want to bring hand-warmers! Also check things out ahead of time for volunteer opportunities.



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