Trails Q & A meets Wanda Swor



United States
46° 0' 1.0836" N, 95° 20' 42.6912" W

Our Trails Q & A report visited Lake Carlos State Park this weekend.

Name: Wanda Swor

Home: Carlos

Occupation: Office Manager Lake Carlos State Park

Seen: Attending First Day Hike snowshoe event at Lake Carlos State Park

How often do you snowshoe: About 50 times a season

Gear: Five foot medium Ojibwe snowshoes made at the park, rubber roofing bindings.

Best Snowshoe experience: trail breaking in the Tamacac swamp area watching a fox run in the distance. No bad experience.

Favorite Time: At dawn or dusk because the woods becomes magical, hoar frost or snow hanging on the branches is beautiful, fresh snow always beautiful just before sunrise.

Trail treat: I avoid bringing processed or wrapped food into the woods. I like a hot chocolate after snowshoeing.

Advice: Don’t be afraid of the cold, get out and have fun. Don’t overdress. Your being physically active and something like a snowmobile suit can be too much.

With $1,000: Take a friend to the Rockies or the Smoky Mountains to snowshoe.

Goals: I want to snowshoe as long as I can.




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