Southern Mountain Biking

Southern Mountain Biking

Stunning bluff country, meandering rivers and open prairies give Southern Minnesota offers a wide variety of natural terrain for mountain bikers to enjoy. This region starts along the Mississippi River following the Minnesota border to the South Dakota border. Most of the most popular locations are within an hour’s drive of the metro areas yet some of the best kept mountain biking secrets can be found further away.

Myre Big Island State Park, Albert Lea 7 miles 507-379-3403 Intermediate: Well-marked singletrack. Runs through forested hills, by a lake. Lots of trails to choose from. Limited access when wet.

Lake Benton Ski Area, Lake Benton 10 miles 507-369-9577
Advanced: Scenic area. Demanding course with many steep climbs and fast descents. Obstacles add to the technical singletrack.

Camden State Park, Lynd 4.25 miles 507-865-4608
Beginner to advanced:
Mixture of fire roads and singletrack. Trail rolls through hard-wood forests and prairie. Hosts Camden Classic in August.

Mount Kato Ski Area, Mankato 7+ miles 800-668-5286
Beginner to advanced:
Mostly wooded hard-packed singletrack. Terrain is challenging and thrilling "high country" trail. Sharp, vertical descents. Novice riders may want to get experience before tackling this trail.

Seven Mile Creek, Mankato 7 miles 507-931-1760
With few technical aspects, this singletrack provides an opportunity for exercise and to improve intermediate biking skills. A beautiful ride.

Camp Manitou, Monticello 763-295-2700
This trail offers many options for all skills levels including a fast singletrack, switchbacks and a meandering doubletrack. Be ready to deal with logs, roots, wooden bridges. A fun trail.

Memorial Trail, Redwing 7 miles 651-388-6734 Beginner to advanced: Trail has many options from which to choose-long climbs, challenging obstacles, outstanding views, twisting singletrack. Select a ride that matches your skills. Highly recommended.

Minnesota Valley State Trail Shakopee 9+ miles 952-445-1660
Trail is paved, so no technical aspects. Stays close to the Minnesota River and runs through original downtown area of Shakopee.

Holzinger Lodge, Winona 10 miles 507-457-8258 Advanced:
Some fire road, mostly singletrack. Steep periodically. Comparable to Colorado trails with less altitude. Excellent views of the Mississippi. One of the areas best.

Dorer State Forest, Winona 888-646-6367 - Three trail systems:
Snake Creek Trail-10.4 miles loop Intermediate: Doubletrack, hard-packed gravel, variable terrain. Great views of the river, ridges and valleys.
Plowline Trail (Cherry Creek) 7.6 miles Intermediate to advanced (in one section) Double and singletrack, dirt and gravel-in good shape. Runs through scenic bluff area. Trails are challenging and fun. Views are amazing.
Trout Valley Trail 7.6 miles Intermediate to advanced: Mixture of gravel, dirt and loose rocks on single and doubletrack. Plenty of technical challenges. Bluff country offers stunning views. Trail is well-marked.