Southeast Minnesota Blufflands/RJ Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest Hiking

Southeast Minnesota Blufflands/RJ Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest Hiking

Zumbro Bottoms Unit (Dorer) (3-mile bluff hike)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
Stop at one of several breath-taking overlooks of the Zumbro River. Hike through the bluffs and valleys along both sides of the waterway. Check out the old iron trestle bridge, built in 1893, right before the Funk Ford.

Kruger Unit (Dorer) (5-mile big loop)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
This unit is maintained as a primitive use area and is geared specifically towards campers and hikers. Explore the valleys and limestone bluffs that rise above meandering rivers. Enjoy views of the pleasant Zumbro River and thickly wooded valleys where wild turkeys may be hiding.

Brightsdale Unit (Dorer) (6-mile network)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
Visit the Root River, Southeastern Minnesota Forest Resource Center, and a forest interpretive trail. Enjoy a stop at the viewing platform, which offers a magnificent sight of the Root River. Hike through a great composite of trees common to both the warmer south and the colder north.

Trout Valley Unit (Dorer) (7-mile loop)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
Hike up, around and down a large plateau, bordered nearly on all sides by creeks and rivers. Check out the overlooks of the Mississippi and Whitewater Rivers. Travel through forest mixed with birch, hickory, oak, black walnut, and aspen.

Bronk Unit (Dorer) (7-mile loop)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
Hike around the upper edge of a plateau while enjoying views of the Mississippi River Valley and stunning farm valley. Several overlooks, bluff prairies and oak savannas can be found on this loop. Bring a pair of binoculars to view the migration of eagles.

Beaver Creek Valley State Park (8-mile network)
Camping: 42 drive-in and 6 walk-in sites
This park offers great hikes with several overlooks, birding, and trout fishing. Stop by one of the several clear streams fed by the "Big Spring." Enjoy the unique plant life and wildlife along steep bluff walls. Make sure to cross the swinging bridge and visit historical Schech's Mill.

Whitewater State Park (10-mile network)
Camping: 106 drive-in and 4 walk-in sites
Explore the deep ravines and magnificent limestone bluffs overlooking the Whitewater River. Enjoy a hike with few mosquitoes, a cast for trout in the streams and a dip at the sandy swimming beach. Visit the thick hardwood forests growing in the narrow valleys.

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park (17-mile network)
Camping: 73 drive-in sites
Hike along wooded ridges, limestone trails and trout creeks. Visit the historic town of Forestville and explore its old streets. Enjoy the early spring wildflowers and a view from the scenic overlook. Beat the summer heat with a visit below ground to the Mystery Cave where the temperature remains a constant 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hay Creek Unit (Dorer) (25-mile network)
Camping: state forest campgrounds
Enjoy the elegantly simple views of the Hay Creek Valley and its small tributaries. Most trails run through dense forest or along farmland. Bring your rod to fly fish or your horse to ride on the miles of equestrian trails.

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