New State Park Gift Cards


By Dennis Lien- November 24,2009


The new state parks gift card features the state s highest waterfall, the High Falls at Grand Portage State Park. Minnesota shoppers just got another gift option — one set up to help the state parks system.


The state Department of Natural Resources on Tuesday unveiled a new state parks gift card that allows the holder to use it for such parks-related expenses as advance registrations, vehicle permits, lodging and clothing or books.


At a news conference at Fort Snelling State Park, DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten said he hopes it “provides a little incentive for you and your family or you and your friends to get out there’’ and use the state parks.


The cards can be purchased by telephone, on the DNR Web site, at the DNR’s St. Paul headquarters, and at any of the state’s 72 state parks and recreation areas. Amounts allowed range from $10 to $1,000. As with other electronic gift cards, amounts for specific purchases are deducted when purchases are made, leaving a balance for later spending.


Parks and Trails Division director Courtland Nelson said the gift cards are another in a series of efforts to encourage people to use state parks, which have shown an increase in attendance in the past year partly through such initiatives as geocaching and a variety of family promotions.


As an added incentive, 80 cards valued at a collective $1,100 will be hidden randomly in state parks over the next couple of weeks as part of the “Wildlife Safari’’ geocaching program.


Holsten said all revenues from the gift cards stay in the state parks system for use in natural resources management and programs.


Cards can be bought over the telephone at 866-857-2757 or online at



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