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We all know the importance of getting children outdoors.  To be able to offer such an opportunity to your students, the Friends of Wild River State Park (FWRSP) have set aside funds to help you enjoy a day of learning and exploration at Wild River State Park. 

            The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that time spent outdoors: promotes physical health; improves concentration, memory, and behavior; an understanding of our how lifestyle choices impact the environment; instills creativity and confidence; positively influences achievement by integrating science, math, social studies, and language arts skills.

            The Prairie Care Program at Wild River State Park was initiated in 1993 as a way to restore 1400 acres of prairie with the help of volunteers.  Today, 450 acres have been restored with seeds collected and spread by students like yours.  Fall field trips offer a chance for students to experience the 6-foot tall prairie while collecting native seed to be spread on new prairies the following spring.  Students who visit in the spring walk a prairie-in-progress while literally planting a seed and leaving their own legacy.  An optional four-lesson curriculum guide is in the process of being written that will prepare your students for the field trip, and trained and knowledgeable staff will help plan your day and accompany you during your visit to the park.

            The cost of a field trip is most often what offsets the ability to get children outdoors.  Knowing that, FWRSP have set aside funds to split the cost of transportation with a limited number of groups that meet the requirements outlined in the FWRSP Transportation Grant Application.  All programs arranged with the park are free and park entrance fees are waived for groups participating in a K-12 school-organized activity. 

            We would like to help you make the connection of your students to the outdoors in a way that benefits them both physically and mentally while giving back to their natural resources.  For more information, please see the FWRSP Transportation Grant application or contact the Wild River State Park Naturalist at the information below.  Together, we can create an unforgettable experience that will inspire your students to engage in and pass along their love for the outdoors to future generations. 

            Thank you for your commitment to getting our children outdoors and in sharing and preserving Minnesota’s great natural resources.

            Contact: Kacie Carlson, Interpretive Naturalist, Wild River State Park, 39797 Park Trails, Center City, Mn, 55012, 651-583-2925

            Application For: Spring & Summer 2013 Field Trip Transportation Grant to Wild River State Park Application Deadline: March 1, 2013





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