Five things to do at Savanna Portage State Park

Although Indians and voyageurs once toiled over the brutal portage between the St. Louis River and the Mississippi River over the Savanna Portage, things are a little more pleasant today.

Here's how to make the most of a visit to Minnesota's third-largest state park with a few hours:

1. Hike the Continental Divide Trail ridge

Up and away
You'll feel the burn, but it's worth it.

2. Take a break at the walk-in campsite

Continental Divide Trail walk-in campsite
Rest those legs and make a note to come back here for the night sometime. Soon.

3. Admire the view

Continental Divide Trail overlook
Epic overlook of the park's Wolf Lake and the wilderness beyond.

4. Enjoy trailside treats

Trailside treats
Many of the trails were a walking buffet of delicious raspberries.

5. Cool off with peace and quiet

Loon Lake Beach
Loon Lake's swimming beach is a special place, with clean water and lots of silence.

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