Fishing without a license in parks

by: Elizabeth Baier, Minnesota Public Radio

St. Paul, Minn. — Two new laws in Minnesota will affect hunters and anglers around the state starting on Wednesday.

Fishing in many Minnesota state parks will be allowed without a license, except in water where a trout stamp is required, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Night bowfishing also will be allowed statewide from May 1 to the last Sunday in February, with limitations on noise and distance from structures. And people who are 90 years old or older may take fish without a license.

By eliminating the fishing license requirement, the DNR hopes that those who have never fished before will try it during their state park visit.

The new hunting rules include:

- Changing the electric motor restriction while in waterfowl feeding and resting areas from one with 30 pounds of thrust or less to one that is 12 volts or less;

- Allowing a person with a valid bear license, prior to the Saturday on or nearest to Sept. 16, to leave a portable stand in a wildlife management area within 100 yards of a legally tagged and registered bear bait site;

- Allowing free deer licenses to be issued to residents with qualifying military service. The licenses allow the taking of deer of either sex;

- Removing the restriction on possessing crossbows outdoors, and removing casing requirements in a motor vehicle during open seasons for game;

- Establishing new gun casing exceptions that apply when hunting and transporting a firearm; removing casing requirements for bows provided they are not armed.

- Allowing the commissioner to issue permits to disabled persons to hunt from a vehicle that is valid for the life of the person, if the disability is irreversible;

- Extending the hours for placing decoys when hunting waterfowl to two hours before lawful shooting. Hunters may not leave decoys unattended during shooting hours for more than three hours.

For a complete listing of the changes, visit the Minnesota DNR.

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