Central Gunflint ski trail conditions holding up



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47° 54' 32.3208" N, 90° 14' 52.3644" W

Despite the recent rain, the ski trails have held up quite well. With the recent new snowfall from yesterday, both Bearskin and Golden Eagle have been able to get out on the trails with snowmobiles and pack it in.

The rain did NOT have an ice-rink effect on the trails and skiers should not have a problem with slipping on freestyle or classic skies. The classic tracks that were set prior to the rain are, for the most part, still present and very solid; the skate lanes also seemed to have held up well. Some things to watch out for include areas of low snow/base in a few select sections of ski trails and newly exposed rocks.

 New Snow Last 24 hours: .625 inches

New Snow Last 7 days: 1.125 inches

Trail Base:  3.5 to 4 inches

Snow in Woods:  Average 6 inches, 8 inches high

Groomed with classic tracks: 65K

Groomed for skating: 70K

Surface Conditions: Hard Pack

Snowshoe trail:  Open

Total snowfall since November 1:  23.38 inches

Conditions:  Fair to Good                                                  

The trails that have been freshly packed so far include the Logging Camp (Good), Cross Fox (Fair to Good), Red Pines (Good), Moose Ridge (Fair to Good), Summer Home Road (Good), and Campground Loop (Good). Please check with Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge for specific conditions and information on each trail.


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